Stationary Compactor Units

The Superior Pak range of Compactors is both user-friendly and durable. Years of experience and constant improvement have resulted in the development of compaction units with the most economical net weight and high structural strength. The SP1500 'box blade' style compactor is the most versatile performer for general applications. This unit can be mated to various bin sizes and has the flexibility for easy installation of site specific hopper enclosures or chutes for use in shopping centres and/or underground car park installations.

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Portable Compactor Units

The auger compactor captures all the waste refuse and breaks it down whilst compacting into the bin. Because the auger compactor unit has no sliding blades it is ideal for wet waste, Putrescibles are not able to become trapped eliminating the affect of bad odours. Available in both refrigerated and standard design.

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Portable Compactor Units - Pendulum

The Superior Pak range of compactors are both user-friendly and durable. 
Years of experience and constant improvement have resulted in the development of compaction units with the most economical Nett weight and high structural strength. Designed to be used in conjunction with a Hook Frame collection vehicle, the integrated Pendulum blade style of packer is a versatile unit for general refuse, recyclables and wet waste applications.

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Recycling Balers - Finger Balers

The Finger baler is a revolution in recycling technology. With a unique open top hopper which accepts large unflattened boxes which can be loaded during any part of the bailing cycle, this unit delivers up to 300% savings in time over conventional balers.

Available in a range of sizes with options to suit every application, the Finger baler is in a league of its own.

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Recycling Baler - LSM KERRUSH 250 / 350

The KERRUSH 250 / 350 series offers versatility, ease of use and low cost waste disposal baling for small and medium sized companies.

Recommended for

• Convenience stores
• Petrol stations
• Hotels
• Guesthouses
• Restaurants
• Retail and,
• Small manufacturing companies

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Recycling Baler - LSM KERRUSH 450 / 1600

The KERRUSH 450 / 1600 series is the ideal high capacity baler, capable of handling a wide range of materials quickly and safely, with the footprint of a euro pallet.

Recommend for medium volume users with large boxes:

• Small supermarkets
• Hardwares and,
• Car garages

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Recycling Baler - Welger Waste Roller

The waste roller incorporates the Welger system for roll compaction with material feeding via rotating conveyor belts. Both conveyor belts form a rolling chamber through the material feed in which the compaction is carried out.

The compacted round bales are subjected to constant preloading from the start. Re-expansion of the material is therefore impossible.

Wrapping of the twine or film is done after reaching the final size, followed by automatic ejection.

This unit requires 3 phase power to operate.

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Roll Packer

If large quantities of bulky waste or reusable material are to be compacted in open top containers then the Bergmann Roll-Packer system is the ideal solution.

The compaction is achieved by the movement of a heavy, specially equipped compaction roller.


  • Compaction directly in open containers with a length of up to 7m
  • Minimization of the quantity of waste to a fraction of the original volume
  • Savings potential: with an average compaction ratio of 5:1 you will achieve reductions of up to 80% of your current transport costs
  • Increased life cycle and availability of the containers
  • Optimal utilisation of existing bins and processing areas
  • Pre-shredding, cutting, tearing or folding large volume waste is not necessary
  • Ability to continuously fill the container during the compaction process
  • Developed and produced for application in continuous operation
  • Low operating noise of only 65dBA @ 1m distance
  • Machine CE-certified. Manufactured in Germany by qualified and experienced staff to the highest quality standards.

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Rotary Compactor

The Rotary Compactor is a compaction unit designed for areas with space constraints. The unit operates with a roller driven by a hydraulic motor that compacts by alternating right to left which keeps the waste materials under constant pressure.

The unit can be continuously fed whilst in operation making it ideally suitable for use with shafts or conveyor belts. The average compaction ratio of the unit is 6:1, although there is an achievable ratio of 10:1 with most water streams.

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Bin Lifters - Cradlemaster

Cradlemasters are highly versatile and can be used in numerous applications, ranging from emptying rubbish bins into skips to pouring food ingredients into hoppers or mixers.

The Cradlemaster bin tipper has a unique tipping action whereby bins are lifted straight up and then gently rolled forward around the lip of the skip or hopper being emptied into.

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Bin Lifters - Heavy Duty

The Superior Pak range of hydraulic bin lifters are specifically designed for emptying mobile garbage bins safely and efficiently.

Available in a range of standard and custom sizes, the Superior Pak lifter range includes but is not limited to:

• 120 litre MGB’s
• 240 litre MGB’s
• 660 litre MGB’s
• 1100 litre MGB’s
• Steel Frontlift bins

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